Avocet Content Management System

Avocet’s Content Management System eliminates the need for costly and time consuming web developers, programmers and graphic artists.

Avocet Content Management System

  • Fully integrated WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor enables the user to create content as if using Microsoft Word.
  • Suppliers have the ability to choose and name the “tabs” of their choice.
  • Each “Tab” (main page) can be customized / populated by user.
  • Provides users with complete control of their home-page content.
  • Allows users to create and place “links” anywhere on their website.
  • “Links” are pages created to highlight products and are automatically created with an imbedded booking engine that is customized to the content entered by the user.

Users can choose which content management tabs to use, what to call each tab, and content to place into each tab.

This travel website’s home page is controlled by the Content Management module from the previous slide.

The Home Page management gives user control to specify which search types are allowed, titles, images, and the links that appear.

This website’s home page is controlled by the Home Page Management from the previous slide.

Screen shot shows Avocet’s WYSIWYG editor for the vendor’s Hotel Tab.

This website’s hotel tab is controlled by the Hotel Tab Management from the previous slide

Based on the fields shown, users can create web pages and customize the booking tool to the content. If a length of stay is specified then Avocet will auto-populate the departure dates.

The Avocent content management system allows for creating a link– bottom of screen.

The following six core sectors of Avocet Channel Management travel software platform cover every aspect of the business: