Avocet Hotel Contract System

Avocet System’s travel software product entry-hotel organizes each contract by supplier for easy rate management. Standard Contracts are listed separately from Promotional Contracts for even easier management. Users can specify their own contract naming convention.

Quickly respond to hotel contracts for stop sales, blackouts with an easy-to-use calendar style GUI or utilize the date range fields for even faster entries.

For product entry of hotel contracts the summary screen displays each date range, room category, per person net rate, min / max occupancy, and availability status (“LIVE”)

Avocet Hotel Contract System

  • User friendly rate entry screens.
  • “Live” button allows user to turn a rate period availability “on” or “off”.
  • “Start Sale Date” and “Book By Date” fields reduce the errors of selling a reduced rate after the expiration date and allows for early loading of discounted time-sensitive product.
  • Promotional contracts module highlights room categories during availability that are “on sale” and provides users with a detailed description of the promotion.
  • Availability logic automatically compares all hotel contracts and searches for the least expensive rates among the same room categories.
    Provides a user-defined contract combination search logic.

The following six core sectors of Avocet Channel Management travel software platform cover every aspect of the business: