SpeedRes™ Core System Travel Software

Our SpeedRes™ Core System travel software reservations system is designed for small to mid-size tour operators and travel wholesalers. UNIX based, it is a fully integrated, customizable, reservations, accounting, operations and marketing system designed to meet the unique needs of travel packaging companies worldwide.

This powerful, flexible solution can:

  • Support costing and selling in multiple currencies to multiple markets
  • Produce reports on booking activity, agent productivity and profitability
  • Produce client documents
  • Write checks
  • Create income statements
  • Prepare complete passenger information files
  • Sell the same product with different prices for different markets

In addition to the core SpeedRes™ system, many optional products and enhancements are available. SpeedRes™ also has optional interface capabilities that enable internet booking, credit card authorization, fax & email and access to all the major GDS systems (CRS including Worldspan, Sabre, Amadeus and Galileo).

This solution can be purchased with a one-time licensing fee which covers software installation and on-site training.

The following eight core subsystems of SpeedRes™ cover every aspect of the business:

Proven Travel Software Technology

Since its launch in 1983, more than 186 SpeedRes™ business solutions have been installed. Our clients are located throughout North America, Europe and Africa and use SpeedRes™ to sell a wide variety of destinations and products including FITs, packages, groups, scheduled tours, charters (air & motor coach) and cruises.

Competitively priced, time-tested and transaction proven, SpeedRes™ is a robust and reliable in-house technology solution shown to streamline the day-to-day business of tour operators and leisure travel providers looking for a cost-effective solution to travel packaging.