SpeedRes™ Data Base Subsystem

Data Base Subsystem

  • Supplier Setup
  • Shopping Guide Setup, Charter Air Schedule, Scheduled Tour Departures, Hotels & Optional Tours/Products
  • Tour Component Setup (Allows for different subtypes of each component, categories, periods, rate variances and foreign currency)
  • Inventory Control
  • Product Costing (contract pricing in any currency)
  • Conversion Table (for industry/user abbreviations)
  • Ticketing Fares Table
  • Mass Changes
  • Product Costing Verification
  • Costing Exchange Rates Updates
  • Supplier Labels
  • Data Base Listing, Supplier Information, Shopping Guide Information,Tour Components, Inventories/Allotments,Product Costing. Ticketing Fares Setup, Supplier-Product IDs & Route Codes
  • Compute/Load Prorates
  • Seat Map Builder (for charter aircraft, buses and trains)
  • Cabin Map Builder (for ships/cruises)

The following eight core subsystems of SpeedRes™ cover every aspect of the business: