SpeedRes™ Reservations & Availability Subsystem

Reservations & Availability Subsystem

  • Availability and Booking Entry
  • Ability to use Market Codes to sell to different areas/regions (FIT, GIT, scheduled tours, etc. accessed from the same screen)
  • Product Availability/Inventory Display
  • Product Description Display
  • Access to multiple Market Codes
  • Ability to sell in multiple foreign currencies with automatic conversion to base currency
  • Ability to convert base currency to foreign currency “on the fly”
  • Booking Revision, Display, Cancellation, History
  • Easy Cancellation Utility
  • Wait-list Confirmation
  • Record Credit Card Information (automatic processing available with optional credit card interfaces – both Batch and Real Time)
  • Group Names Manifest
  • Commission Rate Revision
  • Booking Snapshot
  • Display Bookings by Departure Date, Lead Name & Booking Number
  • Brochure Requests
  • Seat Assignments (charter air, train and bus)
  • Cruise Cabin Assignments
  • Fast Quote/ Fast Book
  • Quote Save
  • Print Invoice (fax and email also available with optional interfaces)

The following eight core subsystems of SpeedRes™ cover every aspect of the business: