Tech7 NG™ Travel Management System

Tech7 NG™ TMS

  • Tech7 NG™ TMS’s comprehensive software platform is designed to meet the needs of today’s global Travel Industry for Product Building, Management, Marketing, Distribution, On-Line Retailing, Connectivity and more!
  • Tech7 NG™ TMS increases productivity, reduces operating costs, supports efficient decision making by offering real-time information in an integrated and secured WEB environment.
  • Tech7  NG™ TMS allows Tour Operators, Tourism Associations, Destination Marketing Organizations and Travel Agents to conduct both B2B and B2C business transactions on both an Intranet and the Internet.
  • Tech7  NG™ TMS is offered either as a Commercial (Single Store – Standalone) Edition or as a Software as a Service (SaaS) edition which offers the standard platform’s functionality including hosting services.

The following four core sectors of Tech7 NG™ TMS cover every aspect of the business: